Poor Control of Symptoms despite medications. You have done your environmental management, keeping your house clean and dust free and yet, you are still having a runny nose, itchy nose and congested nose. You are constantly rubbing your nose and eyes and using lots of tissue. You should contact your doctor for advice.

Dark Circles around the eyes are frequently associated with allergies.

Chronic Nasal Congestion. Your nose is persistently blocked and not relieved by medication. The lining of the nose is swollen giving way to blockage of the nose and sinus headaches. Decongestats are only good for short term relief.

Wheezing associated with asthma may be evident. Allergic asthma is usually an aggravation of allergic rhinitis.

Itchy skin especially when persistent is an indication of worsening allergies. You may need antihistamine. steroid creams and moisturisor.

Hives are red bumps over the body and is extremely itchy. Thes e may take days to subside. tHe cause may be allergies.

Insomnia may be an issue when combined with a post nasal drip, blocked nose, sneezing, post nasal drip and sinus pain.

Difficulty in concentrating is a common feature in moderate to severe allergies.

Fatigue stems from poor sleep as well as persistent nasal symptoms. Older antihistamine may also contribute to tiredness. The use of newer generation antihistamine is helpful.

Contact our clinic for advice if you have the above symptoms.