I am allergic to house dust mite. What can I do?

If there is no exposure, there will be no allergies. This is ideal, however we cannot avoid dust mite completely no matter how hard we try. By keeping our house clean, regularly changing bed sheets and covers, we can minimize the exposure and hence symptoms.

If despite these measures, we are still symptomatic, medication may be needed.

Antihistamine- This blocks the reaction of histamine bring about relieve of symptoms

Steroid Nasal Sprays & Inhalers – This suppress the allergic response.

Oral Steriods – Oral steroids is used in more severe allergies but long term use has significant side effects

Antileucotrienes – This is helps in lowering the allergic response.

Saline nasal wash – Saline sprays such as sterimar helps to remove the allergens from the nose and clear obstructing mucus. This can be an adjunct to the other medication.

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