The treatment of allergic respiratory diseases (rhinitis, asthma) is based on environment control, allergen avoidance, anti-allergic drugs and Allergen Immunotherapy (also called desensitisation). The latter is the only treatment with the aim of treating the cause of the allergy.

Allergen Immunotherapy can be administered either by injections or using an oral solution (called sublingual immunotherapy). Whatever the form of administration, Allergen Immunotherapy induces a reduction of allergic symptoms only few months after starting the treatment. The duration for Allergen Immunotherapy is at least 1.5 Years depending on your response. After that, patients benefit from several years of symptoms remission called the long-term sustained effect of immunotherapy. This is the major advantage of Allergen Immunotherapy compared to the anti-allergic drugs.

To achieve this goal, patients should follow carefully the recommendations provided by their doctor regarding sublingual immunotherapy.

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